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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing temporary green card travel restrictions

Instructions and Help about temporary green card travel restrictions

One eight hundred five two six seven nine seven seven how are you I'm good Brad a little tired I'm good meet you all right what's on question is the the biometric letters a pension there no your extension letter is an extension letter you're gonna shoot what your extension letter for what on an item what do you want to assume so what you're asking me for know you're married yeah so when you file for it yeah when you file that's the i-751 you should get a receipt notice and the receipt notice says your work permit and your your work permission and travel permission is extended for a year and that's different metric letter so you should have gotten that that's what serves as the extension if you don't have that or it's lost then give us a call you know we'll help you make an important point minute you can do that on your own all right thank you and that's germane what's up yeah but even Brendon even easier I have a question on behalf of my mother her she's a green card over there and she's sure to enjoy coming back from Jamaica the immigration of the issue was she's working because she since we've been a green card all at each other pretty much every every year so is that no later no they just they're only asking that question if she's out of the country more often than she's not so she's staying out the country long periods of time let me be one of months maybe one of months overdue no that is not a question that would make any sense to me whatsoever and we would suffer from becodislike be troubling every year now as long as you're in the United States more than six months every year you can become a citizen two and a half once out of the country is no big deal whether she's working and not as irrelevant to her entry as a green card holder okay I appreciate it all right thank you Thank You Brad what's up my question had to do with a ten year old girl she has her green card and she led the country in August she is attending school in Jamaica I want to know how long she can stay out of the country without jeopardizing her positions she has a green card she should she should stay out of the country from one in six months at the time that's the general so she left she came hearing oh now now now no one is gonna tell a ten year old of course she's ten now if she stayed out of the country for eight when she loses a green card so you know you're asking me you know if she stayed that big months will she be allowed back in I'm sure no one's gonna give a 10-year all the problem but you wanted.


What are the travel restrictions of a temporary green card?
There is no such thing as a “temporary green card”.If you are talking about “conditional” permanent residents, they have the exact same rights and obligations as non-conditional permanent residents, including the exact same ability to travel. The only difference is the need for a “conditional” permanent resident to apply for Removal of Conditions at the end of the two years.
I have applied for green card, I am married to an US citizen. How long can I stay outside of the US with temporary travel permit?
You have to return before the date given on your Advance Parole doc. You may be able to change the parole dates before leaving USA if need be. If in doubt call USCIS National Customer Service Center on 1-800-375-5283
Can I travel outside the US with a temporary green card?
If you mean this:then yes, you can. However, many airlines will not accept this stamp alone as evidence of permanent resident status because it is easily forged.If your airline does not accept it, then you would need to apply for a travel letter from a US embassy or consulate. This letter will cost, as of today, $575.00.It is best to wait for your permanent card before traveling by air outside the US.
How many times in a year can I travel outside the USA with green card?
There is no limit on times but duration yes ! You can not have a long trip of more than 1 year without any type of permit ( re-entry permit).But main things where is you residence is . If you are living other side of boarder in Mexico / Canada and do a job in USA. You are called commuting resident. It affects your physical presence and naturalization.If you have no ties with US and living / working in other country ( without N470), they will consider that you have given up your residency even if you are frequently travelling.
How can a new US permanent resident travel outside the US prior to getting a green card?
If you are really already a permanent resident, then you can travel abroad. You should carry some form of proof of permanent residency (I-551) so that you can return to the US, but this doesn’t have to be the plastic green card (which is just one form of I-551).There are two ways of getting permanent residency:If you entered the US using an immigrant visa, you immediately become a permanent resident at the moment of entry. Your immigrant visa, upon being stamped at entry, automatically turns into an I-551 (proof of permanent residency) valid for one year from the date of entry. This is sufficient by itself for you to travel abroad and return to the US without getting anything else ‡ you can even take the next flight out after arriving if you want to.If you went through Adjustment of Status inside the US, then you become a permanent resident when your Adjustment of Status application is approved. You may have received notice that your application is approved, but you do not immediately have a form of I-551 in your possession until you get the plastic green card. If you need to travel before the card gets to you, you can make an InfoPass appointment at your local USCIS office to get an I-551 stamp in your passport.
As an F-1, what's the timeline for getting a green card? How long can you stay out of the US per travel and in total?
I think the question need more details.“As an F-1, what’s the timeline for getting a green card?” Well, as per the current law, there’s no automatic green card for an F-1 student. One has to go through an employment or family based GC programs. The timelines differ based on the category and your country of origin. For example, employment-based GC for India & China could take 10–15 years“How long you can stay out of US per travel and in total?”On a F-1 visa? I think one need to take up at least 12 credits per semester to be qualified as a full-time student and maintain F-1 status. Which means short trips might be possible, but longer trips may not be.On a work visa like H1B or L1? - You can stay as long as you and your employer agrees to. I once went for 4 months and worked remotely.