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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing expedited advance parole processing time

Instructions and Help about expedited advance parole processing time

Hi guys it's me Georgey I'll be showing with you how I did my form I 3 1 advanced parole or travel document I'm applying for this because together with together with the i-485 because I me and my husband South are planning to go back to the Philippines with his family next year so we could have a wedding party with my family so yeah but this is what I did this is I will put it in here and then it also has that it has my name and my alien number and then this is my cover letter my name my address and then the date and then the address and then these are the attachments so it's easy for me to know if everything that's in there is in here because I have the the tabs so so I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and we have 8 because I did not have a tab for the 2 by 2 picture so let's get right to it this is my photo I put it in here and then it has my name at the back and then the alien number which you can find at your or from your Noah too so I 7 9 7 so this is important because you will know great for me you will have your information here this is notification so when something is going on like they will notify for your interview or biometrics they can send you an email or to your number a text message the number is here so you make sure that it is active and then this is my i-131 ok i'll send I'll give you a quick look on what I wrote there okay I'll just get through this first so my passport k1 visa k1 visa with um the entry when I got here it's in May 1 and then my travel information which by the way you can download this i-94 go to USCIS you can get these information marriage certificate that is not original this is just but a photocopy the original one is what I included to my i-485 this is my birth certificate this also photo copy and then I 797 which is a photocopy as well very quickly there's not very much to see or to find on your notification or your application it's not really very difficult to fill out so ok this expires 1231 2021 so this is very recent now after next year 2021 there will be another one and you make sure when you when you fill out this form so because I'm filing this myself I don't need to do anything there so that is my name and then my address my alien number which you can find on your i7 97 and then your information okay and then I got here using k1 visa so.


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